Happy makeup.

We’re not out to make you into someone else or complicate your routine. We just want to bring you the best makeup products—the ones you’ll reach for every day.

Welcome to the bottom of this page—a special space we’ve dedicated to include more info about our unique take on makeup. Our Makeup Set is an edited collection of makeup staples optimized for real life: Boy Brow grooming pomade, Lash Slick film form mascara, and Cloud Paint seamless cheek color. We’re not out to sell you 200 pieces of every kind of makeup in every color imaginable. We just want to give you the best makeup—makeup you’ll actually use every day. Expect pro-level formulas designed for newbie-level application. Think groomed brows, flushed cheeks, and lengthened lashes. Thanks for reading. You can scroll back up and resume shopping now.